FileMaker Training

Classroom, On-Site or Remote One-On-One

Intermediate FileMaker 19

Intermediate FileMaker 19 is a two-day course that gives students who are already familiar with FileMaker basics the opportunity to enhance their skills.
Students begin by learning a relational database design process that they can apply to any project scenario, and then move on to layout and user interface design. Students are given an in depth tour of FileMaker's tool set with special attention given to the Inspector set of tools. Students will learn about layout themes and how to customize them. In addition, students will learn best practices for designing interfaces and data structures. Advanced portal techniques will be introduced and students will learn how to use scripts to make data entry easier and more efficient for end users. FileMaker 19's object visibility feature will also be covered.
A major emphasis of the class is on scripting and report design. It teaches students to create advanced summary reports without relying on the Layout/Report assistant, imparting an in-depth understanding of the different report elements. Students will also learn how to integrate FileMaker 19's charting capability into their reports, and to make reports more flexible by writing scripts that allow users to customize the data set prior to viewing the report.
The class concludes by introducing advanced scripting techniques, including script variables and error capture.

Topics Include:

  • Relational database design
  • Using and customizing layout themes
  • Card Windows
  • Using the Inspector and Layout Object windows
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • User interface design
  • Importing and setting up recurring imports
  • Portals, slide controls, button bars, navigation parts
  • Utilizing object visibility to streamline layouts
  • Report creation and automation
  • Scripting
  • Video & audio playback controls

Who Should Attend

This class is aimed at users who already understand the general concepts of how to build and use a FileMaker database application. It is ideal for students who know the basics and are ready to take the next step in learning how to construct more sophisticated database applications.