FileMaker Training

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Advanced FileMaker Pro 16

Advanced FileMaker Pro 16 is a three-day course that gives students who are already adept with FileMaker Pro the opportunity to enhance their skills.

Day 1

Students begin by working through a moderately complex relational database design problem using a process that they can apply to any project scenario, and then move on to various design methodologies and architectures, including issues inherent in working with single file and multi-file systems. Considerations for revising deployed systems will be reviewed.

Day 2

Students will spend the day on exercises that emphasize using various calculation functions to solve specific design problems and using calculations with scripts and script triggers.

Day 3

Day 3 will be spent on advanced reporting techniques using multiple reporting design challenges that feature the use of triggers to automatically maintain join tables, using dedicated report utility tables to combine report data that resides in multiple tables into a single report, how to have single records appear in multiple contexts in the same report, using dynamic labeling and graphical elements, constructing reports that can display different row styles for different records or record types, and using loops to compile report values.

Topics Include How To

  • Relational database design
  • Quick Charting
  • Inspector and Layout Objects windows
  • Calculations
  • Scripting and script triggers
  • Object Badges
  • Importing and setting up recurring imports
  • Portals
  • Advanced report creation and automation

Who Should Attend

This class is aimed at users who already have a solid understanding of how to build and use a FileMaker Pro database. It is ideal for students who have general familiarity with designing database systems in FileMaker Pro and are ready to learn more advanced techniques.


$885.00 for 3 days of training