FileMaker Training

Classroom, On-Site or Remote One-On-One

Introduction to FileMaker 19

Introduction to FileMaker 19 is a single-day hands-on class where students learn to use FileMaker 19 by creating a basic contact management database application.

The class walks students through the basics of FileMaker 19, starting with field types and tables, and then moving on to designing layouts and reports. Along the way, students will learn how to make a database easier for users to work with by using pop-up lists and radio buttons to standardize data entry and protect the system from typos. Basic interface design principles are discussed and utilized so students can learn how to create systems that are intuitive and easy for new users to understand. Database security is also introduced so students can learn how to protect their database system from unauthorized users.

Students will be well-equipped to address many of the challenges they will face when they return to their organization.

Topics Include How To

  • Create form and list layouts
  • Set up navigation within FileMaker 18
  • Work with images and external documents
  • Quickly search data
  • Sort records according to categories
  • Preview and print reports
  • Maximize help features and on-line resources
New features of FileMaker 19 will also be covered, and students will also learn:
  • How to use the new security features, including touch ID and concealed editing
  • How to use the new navigation parts, button bars and button icons
  • How to use placeholder text for in-field labeling
  • How to use object component styles
  • How to use enhanced signature capture on iOS devices

Who Should Attend

This class is aimed at beginning and intermediate users who want to learn the general concepts of how to build and use a FileMaker database application. It is ideal for both students who have been using FileMaker for years and never had formal FileMaker training or those who have never used FileMaker before. This class offers step-by-step training and foundation skills needed to work more efficiently.