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Application Development

FileMaker Application Development

The Moyer Group specializes in custom, database-driven applications that support our clients' workflows and core processes. Many of our customers benefit from our agile Rapid Application Development (RAD) services, centered on FileMaker Pro.

Mobile Application Development

Creating an application in FileMaker Pro and deploying to mobile users running IOS and FileMaker Go is perhaps the fastest way to develop and deploy a mobile application. If those users only have intermittent connectivity, an occasionally connected application can be created that synchronizes with FileMaker Server during those times when connectivity is available. For users running on platforms other than IOS, FileMaker Server can host responsive web content that can service those devices.

Web Application Development

We can take you through the alphabet soup of web development: PHP, JSON, JQuery, HTML5, CSS, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, FileMaker’s PHP API or FX.php. FileMaker Server's WebDirect capability opens up whole new possibilities for web site creation.

  • WebDirect Deployments
  • Mobile-friendly responsive web site implementations
  • Retrofitting existing sites with form validation, anti-hacking measures
  • FileMaker or hybrid back-ended web sites
  • Implementing database failovers to keep your site up and running even when things go down
  • Implementing Single Sign On (SSO) so users don't have to keep logging in to multiple password-protected web sites